How about Blue Police Alarm systems for Active Shooter situations?

How about the use of a blue Police Alarm similar to the traditional red Fire Alarm?

In the wake of yet another school shooting, it is our responsibility to remain well-informed on the evolution of the methods used for these shootings, as well as how the public safety response adapts to these changes.

A more recent trend learned from the Parklnd, FL shooting and potentially the Santa Fe, Tx shooting that just occurred, is the use of fire alarms to draw student into the line of fire. If the blue Police Alarms were available, students or staff could use these alert systems as soon as an active shooter situation presents itself.

The average Active shooter situation lasts approx. 11 minutes. This alert system could potentially save lives as an early warning system.

Public Safety Consulting Firms and Security Alert System companies have come up with new solutions to tackle this dilemma with the use of Active Shooter security measures. They have developed Gunshot Sound detection systems that will auto-send text alerts and the Blue Alarm system that directly connects to 911 for police response, connects to the building’s PA system to alert building occupants.

For more information, Contact Sarah or Shawn at Disaster Ready Solutions Consulting Firm at Disaster.Ready@mail.com or Disaster-Ready-Solutions.com

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