MABAS Division 12 HazMat Collaboration Full Scale Exercise September 14, 2019 in Itasca, IL

Disaster Ready Solutions coordinated the MABAS Division 12 HazMat Collaboration Full Scale Exercise with the Itasca Police Department, the Itasca Fire District and the Metra Police Department.

Among them were additional agencies including: DuPage K9, DuPage Bomb Squad, DuComm, Addison Consolidated Dispatch Center, Addison Police, Roselle Police, Bensenville Police, Wood Dale Police, CST 5 and the FBI. The Carol Stream CERT team also participated as role players for this event.

Each agency conducted various drills on a Metra Rail passenger car that applied to their individual protocols and procedures including Hazardous Material Response, Decontamination protocols, Active Threat Response and Bomb Detection procedures.

Disaster Ready Solutions effectively coordinated all five drills simultaneously occurring on Saturday, September 14th, 2019 in Itasca,IL.

Integrated Response to Active Threats Conference – March 2019

Disaster Ready Solutions found Subject Matter Experts to discuss an integrated response to active threat situations. This conference included an overview of response efforts among all facets of public safety and discussed Lessons Learned from recent Mass Casualty Incidents.


  • Dr Andrew Dennis from Cook County Health Trauma & Burn Unit with a 360° view of Trauma Response
  • Dr Keith Murray from UPMC Mercy Hospital of Pittsburgh, PA discussed the Tree of Life Synagogue shooting on October 27, 2018.
  • Captain Nick Farese from Las Vegas Police Department discussed the Harvest 91 shooting on October 1, 2017.
  • Sgt Carla Kmiotek of Coral Springs Police and Captain Justin Parrinello of Coral Springs Fire Department discussed the Parkland School Shooting in 2018.

Bensenville Full-Scale Aviation Crash Drill- October 2017

Disaster Ready Solutions recently completed a Full-Scale Aviation Crash Exercise in Bensenville, IL due to their proximity to O’Hare Airport for a high potential for a plane crash hazard. This event involved approximately 20 Fire Departments, 20 Police Departments, Federal Agencies including the FBI, FAA and the NTSB, and Non-Governmental Agencies including the Red Cross and the Salvation Army. This multi-faceted exercise was developed to test Police, Fire, EMS, coroner and federal agency capabilities. This exercise was sponsored by the City of Bensenville and the Bensenville Police Department and completed on October 21st, 2017.



Bensenville Functional Exercise Drill- May 2017

Disaster Ready Solutions developed a Functional Exercise for the City of Bensenville in May 2017 as a precursor to the Full-Scale drill scheduled for October 2017. This was an effective way to create a discussion-based learning experience, similar to a Table Top Exercise, that simulated the real-world issues that can arise during any disaster. Our consultants provided participants with challenging injects in order to simulate a plane crash within the city of Bensenville. Participants included the FAA, FBI, NTSB, Red Cross, Salvation Army and many local municipal public safety agencies.