Is DRS Right for You?

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Are you ready for the impacts of a disaster?  With proper planning and education, we may be able to mitigate some of the cascading effects that occur after a disaster. Disaster Ready Solutions will discuss Crisis Management techniques and Mitigation methods that could help protect lives, property and critical infrastructure.

Our consulting firm will develop a Threat and Hazards plan tailored to your organization including Active Shooter procedures, Shelter-in-Place and an Evacuation plan. We offer Run, Hide, Fight Training, Bleed Control, and Advanced Medical Tactics Training.

We can provide Subject Matter Experts and exercise development to assist in training your employees. Disaster Ready Solutions is working with businesses, schools, churches, hospitals and municipalities to develop their preparedness plans and policies.

We will teach you about your role within Incident Command as a private entity and develop Go-Kits to assist public safety personnel for immediate Situational Awareness during incidents. 

Please take a look at our Services to see if our capabilities match your needs.