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Severe Weather Season

As severe weather ramps up this spring, it’s time to consider preparedness plans. April and May are the most active months for tornadoes in the United States. An easy way to prepare your family, business, school, or organization is to have a weather radio available. This will allow the National Weather Service to alert you if a severe weather event is imminent.

Often, we assume that the tornado sirens will be the primary alert system to depend on to notify us of a tornado incoming. This is not the case. Those archaic siren systems are meant to warn people that are outdoors of impending severe weather and often cannot be heard indoors. Weather Radios are built to alert you even during your deepest sleep.

Tornadoes are not the only hazard from severe weather! Flooding, wind and hail can be just as dangerous and cause widespread damage to your home, vehicle, business or organization.

Does your organization have a Safety Team in place? Disaster Ready Solutions is able to develop and train a Safety Team, and provide them with key information on how to remain informed on severe weather threats, evacuation plans and Shelter-In-Place plans. We are also able to connect you with Severe Weather Spotting Courses with DuPage County.


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