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Overwhelmed with the Frequency of Active Shooters?


Anyone else feel overwhelmed with more and more Active Shooter situations in the news these days?

Communities all over the United States are faced with a modern challenge when it comes to Active Shooters. These horrifying events consistently prove to us that we are fragile within some of our most critical infrastructures such as schools, churches, malls and sports arenas.

Whether it’s a matter of gun laws or perhaps improvements on our mental health programs, what is the right answer to solve this problem? Would metal detectors on school premises prevent an active shooter from shooting into the windows? How about armed guards walking the halls?

Humans are inherently problem-solvers and will always find a way with the right motivation. Whether the method differs from the last event, the motivation seems to be the same; to instill fear in our public, have the highest death toll and to make their mark in history. Active shooter situations are just simply not preventable, but there are ways to reduce the likelihood and increase your chance of survival.

From preparedness techniques to teaching shelter-in-place drills, businesses, schools, churches and sports arenas need to play their part to keep the community safe. The most dangerous thing we can do is to not take action to remedy this problem. Schedule an Active Shooter Exercise or Seminar with Disaster Ready Solutions.




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