First Responder Mental Health Conference

Chicago is experiencing an epidemic of suicides among the public safety community. Currently, the rate of  death by suicide among Police, Fire and EMS has surpassed the amount killed while on-duty. 

Disaster Ready Solutions has pledged to work towards reducing the stigma of PTSD among Public Safety professionals and bringing Subject Matter Experts together to work towards a common goal: Exposing the Roadblocks and Creating Solutions.

We are teaming up with Loyola University Medical Center and the Bensenville Police Department to create a conference focused on Fire Responder Mental Health. This conference discusses the challenges of mental health behind the uniform, Suicide Awareness, what we can do to change the stigma, and actionable programs that combat PTSD, depression and stress.

Our conference is open to 1st responders, Police, Fire, EMS, Military, Veterans, Corrections, Dispatchers, Chaplains, Hospital staff, Mental health professionals, Clinicians and all who work in public safety field.